Beard Kit Nr. 2 by GØLD's

The set includes the GØLD's Beard Oil solid, GØLD's Beard Balm solid ant the GØLD's Beard Brush.

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The best beard care & matching accessories in a gift set for every occasion

Would you like to give a beard bearer a gift and make him really happy? Congratulations! Your search is now over - you have found the perfect gift for every beard wearer.

No matter whether the beard care set is intended for your friend, father, brother, uncle or colleague, he will love it!


GØLD´s beard oil & beard balm nourish your hair & facial skin and bring your beard hair into shape

The beard oil from GØLDs convinces qualitatively with an unbeatable care combination. Argan oil and jojoba oil care for the beard hair, provide it with important nutrients and make the beard softer than a rabbit fur. Almond oil and hemp seed oil provide enough moisture to the skin under the beard, so that itchy beards stop once and for all. The beard balm is a combination of hair care and hair styling. Shea butter gives the beard a natural shine and cares for it. Thanks to the beeswax it contains, the beard is styled and shaped in a natural way.


The GØLD's beard brush helps with beard styling and thinking

With the beard brush you make every cash bearer a pleasure. The gentle brushing not only brings the beard into shape, it also stimulates the blood circulation and thus supports well-groomed skin under the beard. In addition, it is just so much fun to wipe your beard with your beard brush while thinking. The GØLD's beard brush is a small toy for every beard wearer, whether on the go, at home or at work.


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