Beard Starter Kit Arctic Golden Beards

  • Beard Oil Arctic - 30 ml
  • Beard Balm Arctic - 60 ml
  • Beard Wash Shampoo – 100ml
  • Beard Conditioner – 100 ml
  • Beard Brush Travel Size
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Beard Oil Arctic - 30 ml

Made solely from natural oils that soften and moisturize beard and skin. With our mix of carrier oils and essentials oils you will have the feeling that your beard is in the Artic.

Beard Balm Arctic - 60 ml

The same successful formula as our wonderful oil Arctic but in a balm version. Maintains and keeps your skin and beard hydrated and stimulates the growth of your beard.

Beard Wash Shampoo – 100ml

Beard Wash is a beautifully crisp and refreshingly fragrant formula which helps clear build up and maintains tangle free, quantity year-round. Natural method is rich in Initial Carshalton Lavender helping to gently cleanse hair and provide natural anti-bacterial safety that leaves you dandruff free.

Use: Massage into your hair and leave for 2 – 3 minutes before rinsing with clean, warm water. Repeat as required.

Beard Conditioner – 100ml

Beard Conditioner is formulated to tame fly-away beard hair, Original Carshalton Lavender is combined with the rich nourishing oil of Jojoba to protect and strengthen with a natural gloss and shine. The soothing nature of Original Carshalton Lavender Conditioner is ideal for use after a day in the sun… but most of all it is best enjoyed indulgently with the rich scent of herbaceous Original Carshalton Lavender. Ideal for all beard types, but is naturally useful on dry beards.

Use: Massage into your beard and leave for 2 – 3 minutes before rinsing with clean, warm water. Repeat as required. For best effects, please use with Carshalton Lavender Shampoo

Beard Brush Travel Size

This ‘military’ inspired Beard Brush is made of 100% pear tree with great natural boar hairs. The travel sized brush fits perfectly in your bag and for you who travels a lot. Together with Golden Beards grooming products, it is possible to maintain your beard no matter how much you travel. The soft bristles ensure your beard is not damaged and is well-suited for short beards. If you wish firmer bristles for your long beard, or for your every day, remember we also have a 100% Olive Wood Beard Brush.


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