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A CLASSIC OF THE US BARBERSHOPS. Freezes the scalp and face.
The Osage Rub is a popular instant refreshment for the scalp and face, especially in the hot summer months. The cooling effect is really violent and lasts a long time. The Osage Rub was already in the US barbershops around 1900.

414 ml

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The "Osage Rub" (pronounced: Ossitsch Rapp) is one of the common hair tonics of America in the late 19th century. Soon it was also used as a cooling aftershave. Translated "Osage Rub" roughly means "ointment of the Osage Indians". The Osage tribe was located in Southern Plains / USA and related to the Pawnee Indians, who are known to us as merciless killers from the movie "Who Dances with the Wolf" and who freeze their blood when they are seen.

The effect

The Osage Rub is - just as mercilessly - intended as a cooling and invigorating tonic for the scalp and face. The "Osage Rub" lives up to the Indian tribe of the "Osage". In forums it is described in one word: FREEEEZING !!! And that's it. The Osage Rub cools and burns for more than 15-30 minutes at any point it comes into contact with. Even if it gets under rings, it tingles for hours, so keep it away from the eyes (and of course from children).
The Osage Rub should even help against mosquitoes, mosquito bites, tiredness or headaches. It can also be used as a shaving cream, but it is only recommended on very hot days because it freezes the freshly shaved skin like pure ice water. It does not contain any skin moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, but does not leave a dry feeling on the skin.
The Osage Rub has now become a popular coolant on hot days and is being taken by more and more fans even when traveling to hot countries. In the case of a headwind or a fresh breeze, the cooling effect increases to a wonderful treat.

The smell

In the barbershops (US hairdressing salons), the Osage Rub was always next to the Jeris Hair Tonic, which is reminiscent of the green color and of which it smells at the beginning: mild, sweet and powdery. However, the Osage Rub is mixed with a hefty dose of menthol and eucalyptus, which rank third and fourth in terms of ingredients right after water and alcohol. When applied, it smells strong like menthol snuff. The scent fades away slowly, the cooling or burning effect is retained for a long time.


As a hair tonic, the bottle is placed directly on the scalp and a couple of shots are injected into two or three places on the head. Then massage in well. At first you feel nothing, then you hear a rising tingling sensation until your head feels like you have put it in a bucket of ice water.
As a facial toner, put a shot of Osage Rub in the palm of your hand, rub it in between your palms and then apply it to your cheeks, neck and neck. Please leave out the eye area. Apply gently on the forehead so that it does not get into the eyes, otherwise it will burn.

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    Macht, was es soll. An heissen Sommertagen möchte ich nicht mehr drauf verzichten.
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    Absolut geniales Produkt! Angenehme Kühle bei Anwendung!
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