Dapper Dan Hair Tonic Blue 500 ml

An invigorating menthol hair tonic in the style of the 1950s and at the same time vitalizing scalp and hair care. Ideal as a preparation for pomade, to refresh the hairstyle and to stimulate the hair bottom. With refreshing and circulation-promoting menthol and calming-cooling eucalyptus. Leaves the hair smelling fresh all day long. In a nostalgic glass bottle and a beautiful label.

500 ml

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Today it is almost forgotten. However, in the 1920s and 1950s, hair tonic had the status of an aftershave. A hair tonic was in the bathroom to liven up the head early in the morning before shaving and to prepare the hairstyle for the obligatory pomade. In the barbershops, a hair tonic massage rounded off the haircut. And in summer, hair tonics treated with menthol and eucalyptus - such as Osage Rub, Dapper Dan Hair Tonic Blue or Dapper Dan Hair Tonic Green - offered a cooling relief for the head and even pain-relieving remedies for mosquito bites.

The Dapper Dan Hair Tonic rubs on the scalp for a long-lasting, refreshing and cooling feeling. It makes combing easier, evaporates faster than water and leaves a pleasant scent of menthol and the dapper Dan After Shave Blue. Applied in the morning, the hair smells wonderfully fresh all day long into the evening.

The Dapper Dan Hair Tonic prevents excessive fat and dandruff formation and even promotes hair growth. Thanks to the menthol it contains, the scalp not only feels particularly fresh, but also the hair roots are stimulated. Menthol has a cooling, itching and pain relieving effect. It also has an antibacterial effect, thus helping to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the scalp.

In summer, the dapper Dan Hair Tonic can also help with insect bites and itching thanks to the menthol it contains.

The aroma of the Dapper Dan Hair Tonic is taken from the Dapper Dan After Shave Blue. And so the scent is fresh and masculine, but the high menthol and eucalyptus content in the Dapper Dan Hair Tonic is the first thing the user notices: refreshing menthol like a cough drop in winter. That's right, because the Dapper Dan Hair Tonic is not for sensitive minds alone. Especially in winter it is a small ice bomb on the scalp.


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