Dapper Dan Men's Hair Pomade Strong Hold 100 ml

  • Mild flowery fragrance
  • Firm hold
  • Elegant sheen
  • 100% Vegan

100 ml

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A traditionally manufactured, heavy weight pomade with a mild flowery fragrance in the style of the 1930s. The Dapper Dan Pomade Strong contains classic ingredients like petrolatum, hair nourishing coconut oil, the extra ordinary heavy carnaubawax and skin-protecting stearic acid - a typical, now forgotten ingredient of pomades of the 1920s and 40s. Made in Germany without artificial colors or preservatives. 100% Vegan

First of all

The Dapper Dan Pomade Strong is a pomade for real men of the 1920-40s. Since a special feature of Dapper Dan pomade is that it is designed to be - as in the 1920-40s - economical and can stay in the hair for days and even a week. And this despite frequent hairwashing.

The effect

Though the Dapper Dan Pomade Strong is in the hardness similar to Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade, it is easier in use and richer in hair care. It is ideal for typical hairstyles of the 1920-50s, such as Slick Backs and Pompadours /Quiffs. It offers, depending on the applied amount of pomade, a medium to firm hold and an elegant sheen.
The Dapper Dan Pomade Strong provides the hair with a good shape thanks to petrolatum and micro wax, and with an elegant luster thanks to coconut oil. The hold of the Dapper Dan Pomade is excellent due to the very heavy carnaubawax, the hair care abilities are rich due to the contained coconut oil. In addition, the scalp is protected against environmental influences by stearic acid - a fatty acid that has been previously used for pomade and candle making.

The color and the fragrance

When you open the Dapper Dan Pomade Strong a honey colored pomade of heavy and tough consistency smiles at you. The mild, creamy, masculine and elegant flowery scent is present but unobtrusive.


  1. Use in dry hair
  2. Apply pomade abundantly, ie 1 to 3 fingers full of pomade (about 1-3 teaspoons)
  3. Massage the pomade in your hair
  4. Comb and brush the hair into the desired shape.


Micro Wax
Stearic Acid
Carnauba Wax
Coconut Oil
Vitamin E
Isopropyl Myristate
Sunflower Oil
Hexyl Cinnamal*
Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone*
Beta Carotene
Benzyl Salicylate*
* naturally occuring fragrances


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