Hair Shampoo 69-in-1 Angry Beards 300 ml

  • Perfect and gentle hair wash
  • Soothes, moisturizes, nourishes, strengthens, simply 69 in 1
  • Easy combing, no static electricity
  • The fragrance of Jack Saloon, rare wood, cinnamon, and some flowers

300 ml

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The shampoo contains soothing and sebum-regulating Panthenol, moisturizing Glycerin and above all a mineral complex of substances supporting the regeneration and metabolism of the scalp. It gives a feeling of freshness and vitality. We also enriched it with extract from plant called Inula Crithmoides, which is rich in sterols and glycolipids. These help to strengthen and protect hair against UV radiation and external influences. We also put activated charcoal in it because of its ability to improve the absorption of dirt, grease and odors.

Shampoo Application

Spray the required amount in the palm and apply a lightly frothed shampoo all the way to the roots of your hair, so that your skin and hair are as pure as a lily. Thoroughly scrub the hair and then rinse them with water. Recommended use is every 3 days. However, if you usually give your hair a hard time in the form of sweaty workouts or feasts, you should use it more often.



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