Murray's CD'S Shampoo 236 ml

Murray’s CD’s Shampoo is the long-awaited special shampoo for removing Murray’s pomades. The shampoo gently cleanses the hair, removes a maximum of pomade residues and makes it smell delicious of pineapple-apricot.

236 ml

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The “Murray’s CD’s Shampoo” is a long-awaited remedy for the tough Murray’s pomades. “CD” is a full program. The name refers on the one hand to the founder of Murray’s - C.D. Murray - at the same time it is a declaration of war against all pomade residues in the hair. “Clean Deep”, abbreviated “CD”, means deep cleaning. And so the Murray’s CD Shampoo should thoroughly free the hair of any hair styling residue. It does it quite well. But also as a daily shampoo to remove daily dirt, it is a chic companion. The aromatic, fresh scent of the shampoo is reminiscent of fruity pineapple and apricot. Fans will also find it in “Murray’s Grandpa Harry’s Total Control Hair Paste”.
Interesting facts on the side:

The Barbershop poster shown on the packaging was designed by PomadeShop founder Stan Soldan. Since Murray’s did not have its own advertising material when PomadeShop started in 2008, Stan, in consultation with Murray’s, developed a poster based on the design of “Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade” and made it available to Murray’s and barbershops worldwide. Of course it is still available from PomadeShop today.

The Murray’s CD’s Shampoo is packaged in a white, translucent plastic bottle with a black hinged lid and the Murray’s logo in a retro look.
Made in the USA
(Free of dyes)


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