Shaving Cream Reuzel Shave Cream

  • Super slick, comfortable formula
  • Moisturizes and softens skin
  • Classic shave cream scent

95.8 g

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In the old days, a town’s barbers also did its bloodletting. Let’s just say that isn’t how we do things anymore. Reuzel Shave Cream is a highly concentrated formula. Our T4 Tonic Blend combos with quinoa, aloe vera and sorbitol to give you a close shave, no nicking necessary.

Ultra-rich – Super slick – Conditioning

Reuzel Shave Cream is the key to a close, comfortable shave. It’s a rich moisturizing shaving cream that creates a thin layer, so your razor can glide right over your skin.

Start either just out of the shower or by holding a hot towel over your beard for 30 seconds or so. Then use your fingers to spread Reuzel Shave Cream over your face. Shave away. Most men can use Reuzel Shave Cream to shave against the grain for an even closer, longer-lasting shave.


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