Shaving Oil Mr. Bear Family 30 ml

Super soft shaving oil from Sweden. With a mild citrus scent.
30 ml

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Nourishes and soothes the skin before shaving and leaves it smelling of citrus fruits. With castor oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil and shea oil. Made from purely natural ingredients.
Handmade in Sweden

The "Mr. Bear Shaving Oil" (in German: Mr. Bear shaving oil) is a shaving oil that is used before wet shaving. The Mr Bear Shaving Oil, which is made entirely of natural oils, is only slowly absorbed by the skin and nourishes and protects for longer. It completely dispenses with chemicals, alcohol, silicone or other supermarket bulk goods ingredients.


The skin is perfectly prepared for a light and smooth wet shave.

This is ensured primarily by the castor, jojoba, shea and apricot kernel oil it contains, a very mild natural oil pressed from apricot kernels, which is known to penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy film. It nourishes skin and hair with vitamins A, C and free fatty acids. As well as castor oil, a thick oil that is only slowly absorbed by the skin, thus forming a smooth, soft film on the surface of the skin and allowing a smoothly gliding shave.


Moisten the face and massage a few drops into the skin. Now you can start shaving straight away or use shaving soap as well.

The shaving oil is packed in a small, brown glass bottle with a screw cap and pipette.
Made in Sweden
(Free from artificial fragrances, colors and preservatives)
Contents: 30 ml


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