Beard Balm Solomon's Beard Special Edition Octopus 50 ml

Special Edition Octopus Beard Balm 50ml, the Octopus Line increasingly expands his tentacles up on Man’s Beauty. After the Octopus Black Beard Oil now it comes the Octopus Beard Balm. Created and produced after a careful research of butter and natural oils, a true healthy touch for your beard.


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Special Edition Octopus Beard Balm 50ml is not only a curative balm but also a superlative modeling product.

This “WITHOUT RINSE” Balm allows you to feed the Beard and to shape it in the same time. In this way even the most difficult beards can be modeled easily.

Selected and expertly mixed raw materials, create a product with a unique texture and many extraordinary properties.

The natural Karité and Cocoa butter, which soothes the skin itching and prevent bruises and splits, is a real healthy touch for the skin underneath the beard.

Oils of Argan and Jojoba they they are our solid balm’s main base: in addiction to essential oils of Ginger, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Patchouli and finally Cocoa, it results a product with incredibly elasticizing properties.


How to use

  • Take a moderate amount;
  • Warm it between the palms of your hands;
  • Apply throughout the length of the beard;
  • Massage the beard carefully;
  • Shape it or comb it to your taste;


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