Hair and Beard Scissors Edwards Angry Beards

  • 18 cm, which will satisfy even profesional barberess
  • Almost professional Japanese steel scissors
  • Precise workmanship and crazy sharp blade
  • Sheath made of vegan leather
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Proper scissors should not be missing in any home, so that you can subtly adjust the beard or hair at any time. Though 99% of these subtle adjustments end with you crying, and wishing you could go back in time, but at least you will do it with a pair of Japanese steel scissors.


Professional design shaped for fingers and even with finger rest (prominence at the lower eye of the scissors). The whole scissors, except the screws, are made of Japanese steel, which is much tougher and sharper than normal steel. Highly superior to classic steel in the edge quality and durability.


The use is probably obvious. To increase durability, do not use it on anything other than beard or hair. Maybe you could use them on hair in the nose, but nothing more. Try to prevent the scissors from falling.


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