OAK Beard Brush Soft

Con setole morbide e forti. Per pelli sensibili e barbe corte.

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BEARD BRUSH SOFT detangles the short beard, frees it from dandruff and loose hair without putting too much strain on the skin. The pure boar bristles are drawn into the black lacquered oak wood in two different thicknesses. Strong black bristles form the inner core.

Soft white bristles are used on the outside. Due to the ring-shaped arrangement, the short mustache can be brushed out easily or the cut hair can be brushed away after trimming with the obliquely held brush.

How to use

Pull the brush through the beard over a large area and evenly in the direction of growth. On sensitive skin areas that guide the brush with little pressure or hold it at a slight angle to work exclusively with the soft bristles.


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