Beard Balm

Beard balm is a product with a mixture of several ingredients, most of which include things such as shea butter, essential oils, carrier oils, and fragrances.

The beard balms takes care and give style to your beard. Moisturizes the hair, softens your beard and allows you to give it a style. The difference with beard oil is that, having a denser consistency, it offers greater hold and is suitable for the most difficult beards, however, it remains excellent even on normal beards.

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What is a Beard Balm?

Beard balm has many similarities to beard oil, as it is a product that contains oils that condition and soften your beard. However, the beard balm also contains a mix of waxes and butters that make the product more solid.

Beard Balm hydrates, conditions, styles and softens your beard.

How to use beard balm?

  • With your thumb or forefinger, scoop up a small amount of balm, a little more if your beard is long

  • Spread the balm between the palms of your hands rubbing them against each other. Rubbing will melt the balm in your hands

  • Keep your fingers flat and start by applying the beard balm to the skin under your beard by massaging it deeply

  • Apply the balm all over your beard. This is best done by starting at the bottom of the beard and working your way up to the sideburns by rubbing your open hands together in an upward motion

  • Finally, use a comb or beard brush to continue distributing the product evenly and remove any lumps

Beard balm main ingredients

Most beard balms contain these four basic types of ingredients:

  • Carrier oils
  • Essential oils
  • Beeswax
  • Malleable agent

What are they mainly for?

Carrier oils

They are mainly used to moisturize and nourish the skin under the beard, thus helping to avoid beard itching or dandruff. Some examples are jojoba, argan and sweet almond oil.

Essential oils

Essential oils give the wonderful fragrances to the conditioners. Obtained from many natural products such as mint, lemon, lavender, citrus fruits, plants, tree bark and much more.


As you know, bee hunting has so many uses, and it's also used in beard balm. Gives a solid consistency to the product. Being denser also helps give your beard some shape.

Malleable agent

Shea butter, coconut butter and cocoa butter are some ingredients that make beard balm more malleable. These can add more moisture to the product to keep your beard healthy.