1. Beard balm. Description, Benefits and Usage.

    Beard balm is another of the products most loved by bearded men.

    Beard balms, along with beard oil, are a favorite of bearded men. The beard balm moisturizes and softens the beard and underlying skin. Having a higher consistency than the oil, the balm gives a little help in improving its shape, for this purpose, however, the use of a beard wax is recommended.

    Beard Balm Woodland Dr. K Soap Company
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    Beard balm woodland Dr. K Soap Company


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  2. The tutorial guide for your beard of Mariner Jack, Beard Shampoo, Beard Balm and Beard Oil.

    Watch the tutorial video with Mariner Jack's guide to grooming your beard. In just 3 simple steps and with 3 fantastic products you can maintain a perfect beard and give it the style you prefer.

    You can buy here the Mariner Jack Beard Shampoo, one of the Mariner Jack Beard Oil and a Mariner Jack Beard Balm, or you can see All the products of Mariner Jack.

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  3. Beard oil. Description, Benefits and Usage.

    Beard oil is one of the products most loved by bearded men.

    The oil has several healthy purposes for the beard, such as to keep the hair hydrated and soft, but to nourish and hydrate the underlying skin.
    By reaching directly to the hair follicle, beard oils prevent hair fragility. The hydration given by the oil helps prevent flaking, dandruff and dryness of the skin, therefore it also prevents itching and irritation of the skin under the beard.

    As for the aesthetic aspect, the beard oil gives a slight shine while maintaining its shape and its natural appearance.

    Beard Oil Beyer's Oil Eisenkraut
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  4. New Blog

    With this blog we want to keep you updated on new products and give you useful tips on how to use them to take care of your beard and your hair. Remember that a real bearded man does not neglect his own beard but takes care of it using the best products for her: starting with washing with an excellent beard shampoo or beard soap, then hydrating and keeping her healthy using other products such as beard balm and beard oil, and finally give it a style with the same beard balms or a beard pomade.

    Keep calm and stay Bearded
    Keep calm and stay Bearded.

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