Razor Golden Beards Safety Razor

  • Handmade in Italy
  • Double Comb Safety Razor
  • Open Comb Head
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Golden Shave - Double Comb Safety Razor are handmade in Italy, near the Como Lake, thanks to the expertise and skills of qualified craftsmen manufacturing safety razors since 1950s. With them Golden Beards developed this Double Comb Safety Razor, to ensure a refined, precise shaving experience but with a Golden touch.

Open Comb Head (open comb): Guarantees a deep and accurate shave for all types of beards (close shave), ideal for those with hard and thick hair.

Closed Comb Head (closed comb) is indicated for daily shaving and for sensitive skin.Also recommended for newcomers to the safety razor.


1) The head is mounted by unscrewing the handle and lifting the lid.

2) Place the new blade under the lid.

3) You rewind and tighten the handle and you are ready for shaving. I

Indications: Golden Shave razor is suitable for all skin types, especially for those who love deep shaving.For better results use our Handmade Shaving Cream.A warm softener shower before shaving to reduce the chances of abrasion or small cuts. Golden Shave is probably one of the best handmade Doble Comb Safety Razors in the world.

Weight: 70 g

Total length – 80 mm

Length Handle – 71 mm

Width head – 42 mm


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