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Kuschelbär Beard Straightener Pro-Edition

  • 3D heated plate design to straighten shorter hair and beard
  • Arched comb design allows for adding bend to hair for increased styling options
  • Tri-colored on/off safety switch with 30 minutes automatic turn off
  • 3 temperature settings to straighten all hair types
  • Dense rubber coating for added heat protection
  • Extra long, thick and fixed cord for tangle free frequent usage
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  • 3 temperatures to select from (360F, 380F, and 400F).
  • Longer and therefore more comfortable cable
  • The tip of the comb gets hotter, and is better suited for smoothing mustaches and other detail work.
  • The upgraded rubber coating acts more as a moisture and heat barrier.
  • The combs are a denser plastic which is better for frequent use.

How to Use

  1. Make sure both hair and beard are completely dry before beginning use.
  2. To begin, simply plug in and turn Kuschelbar on.
  3. Wait three minutes for it to reach the optimal temperature of 190 C.
  4. Brush through the hair and beard, going from roots to ends until the desired smoothness is achieved. Multiple passes through the same strands will not damage the hair.
  5. When finished, switch Kuschelbar off and unplug it, waiting for it to cool down before doing any cleaning.
  6. 3 temperature setting is controlled by pressing the button and that temperature increases from 360F -> 380F -> 400F
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