Safety Razor by GØLD's

GØLD's safety razor with closed comb

The 99 gram safety razor from GØLD´s made of solid stainless steel with a black heat and impact resistant alloy is a piece for eternity!
In contrast to a conventional razor, the safety razor is also known as a safety razor. Since the razor blade only protrudes a little, you can shave precisely and minimize the risk of major cuts.

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Precise safe shave for baldness, face and body

The handle of the GØLD's safety razor is finely grooved so that it is stable in the hand and cannot slip. The razor blade is perfectly closed in the comb by a screw mechanism. Once you've got the hang of it, shave all the places on your body where you think there shouldn't be any hair.

A sustainable shave throughout your life!

The safety razor does not need any plastic waste. Once purchased, you can use this piece of jewelry for a very long time.

Last but not least: Your safety razor is delivered in a fine leather case so that it can accompany you on all trips.

Safety razor for wet shaving in elegant matt black
• With the comb closed
• Black alloy metal handle
• With screw head
• High quality leather case for safe transportation
• Handle length: 8.5 cm


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