Wooden Beard and Hair Comb Angry Beards

  • Perfect combing from roots to tips
  • Sandalwood
  • Antistatic effect
  • Perfect size and shape
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Comb absolutely anything, anywhere and anytime with our high-quality wooden comb.


Our beard comb has 10x6 cm, but believe that this is 10cm even your girlfriend will love. The two types of teeth ensure brilliant combing and smoothing of the beard. Moreover, comb is made of sandalwood, which is the perfect material with which you will not longer worry about static electricity.

How to use

The combs are used by guys with a full beard to comb their tangled treasures. Our comb is perfect for that. A range of teeth with wider spacing is ideal for initial combing, and then comes the side with finer teeth to finish the job to perfection. If possible, comb beard after application of oil, balm or after shampooing.



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