Beard Kit Nr. 3 by GØLD's

The set includes the GØLD's beard oil solid, GØLD's beard balm solid ant the GØLD's folding comb.

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A beard care set for a healthy, well-groomed and stylish full beard

Anyone who grows a beard knows exactly how important daily beard care is. Even the Egyptians mixed natural oils together and used it to actively combat their beard problems. Either the skin under the beard is itchy because it doesn't get enough moisture or the beard bothers when cuddling and kissing because the whiskers prick. The solution is as simple and natural as our beard oil protect. The skin is supplied with moisture and nutrients in a natural way, so that the skin is well nourished and no longer itchy or flaky.

Oils such as argan oil or jojoba oil also give the hair all the important nutrients it needs to make the beard beautifully soft and make it look healthy.

Our beard balm is available so that the beard is also shaped and nothing sticks out on the left and right cheeks. The beard balm combines hair care and styling. The contained shea butter makes the beard so soft that cuddling with your loved one is no longer a scratchy affair. The included beeswax keeps the beard in good shape, which means that it is always well-groomed and perfectly styled.


The foldable beard comb as a daily companion in a timeless design

A foldable wooden comb made of wenge wood, an African tree species. Thanks to the high density, the wenge wood is a very weather-resistant, robust and solid wood with a unique and very dark grain. Thanks to its folding function, this beard comb is a perfect accessory for at home and on the go. Its broad teeth are perfect for shaping the beard.


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