Hair Shot Hair Tonic Angry Beards 500 ml

  • Perfect boost for hair
  • Cleans, refreshes, moisturizes, nourishes and scents
  • Gives a natural slightly wet look
  • It has an anti-dandruff effect

500 ml

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It's not good to wash hair every day. But what if they need some kind of a boost the next day after washing? Alternatively, if you live in the Eat, Sleep, Party/Work, Repeat style, sometimes you simply don't have time to wash, although it would be preferable in front of dates, business meetings and the like. Exactly for moments like these, the Hair Shot tonic was born.


The tonic contains a range of cleansing ingredients such as denatured alcohol, propylene glycol cocamidopropyl, an artificially created alcohol that moisturizes the skin and facilitates the absorption of other substances into deeper skin layers. Betaine is another cleaning element that is gentle and does not dry. It also contains hydrogenated castor oil, menthol and menthol oil, eucalyptus and bergamot oil. Then we have a limonene to mask the natural odors of other ingredients. Linalool, another fragrance reagent and sodium chloride, due to the densification and its cleansing and antiseptic effects. Just another complex and honest product.


When hair is very thirsty, treat them with a large shot. If they only need a little boost, a half-shot will be enough. Simply pour the required amount into the palm of your hand, soak your other hand too and massage it into your hair and skin. When applying it always spills a bit, but do not worry about it. That's why we sell it in half-liter bottles. Use whenever needed, but we not recommend more than twice a day, don't overdo it.

500 ml


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